Introduction to Esports: Calling All Gamers!

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  • Introduction to Esports: Calling All Gamers!

    Does your middle or high schooler play video games?
    Are they interested in discovering what the world of esports is all about?

    For just $39.99, you get access to exciting lesson content and access to recordings with industry leaders in the word of esports!

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    What’s Esports?

    Does your child play Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, or Rocket League? These are just a few of the most popular games in the rising world of esports.

    Esports has been recognized by the National Federation of State High School Associations as an official sport, with thousands of teams being established every year. Simply put, esports are video games played in an organized and competitive environment. There are growing esports teams in schools, which have resulted in millions of dollars in college scholarships.

    This growing field can provide your child with a sense of community, feelings of accomplishment, and skills that can strengthen their futures.

    Introduction to Esports Course

    Esports requires knowledge and skill-building that is obtained both during gameplay and away from the controller. This Introduction to Esports course provides your child with the foundational skills to thrive in this exciting sport and shares how they can use this knowledge in other areas of their life.

    Each module dives into specific topics, such as:

    • A look into the art and design that goes into a video game
    • Why caring for your mental and physical health matters 
    • What goes behind advertising and content creation
    • Career pathways and transferable 21st-century skill-building

    What You Get When You Sign Up

    • Lessons and modules that can be completed at your own pace
    • Access to recorded sessions with esports experts

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    Exclusive Live Sessions with Esports Experts

    When you enroll in this course, you will have the opportunity to access recorded sessions with esports experts. 

    Guest Speakers; Sebastian Burton 7-13 2pm, Aziza Brown 7-20 2pm, Jennifer Dill 7-27 2pm, Dan Komorny 8-3 2pm, Marjorie Martin 8-10 2pm, Adam Mzelea Salim 8-17 2pm

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    Authored by: Michigan Virtual